Even though your LEAP training may have been completed, there may be times when you feel the need for more training on the software, where a new member of staff needs to be trained or just where you feel that a further days training would be beneficial to your office thus ensuring that you gain the maximum efficiency from using the software. 

Of course, LEAP Legal Software also upgrades on a regular basis adding more exciting features every time all designed to give you and your staff more support in your day to day work. 


AWCS can offer a reasonably priced, on site LEAP refresher course, tailored to your specific needs.


As we are both familiar and certified in both LEAP and Xero, it makes perfect sense for AWCS to offer bookkeeping services to small and medium sized legal firms who simply do not have the time to employ an in-house bookkeeper. 

With the rapid development of cloud technology, books and accounts can be kept completely up to date from a remote location with the added benefit of dealing with payroll and VAT submission through Xero Accounts Software. 

The owners or partners of a firm can specify when they need to see reports and bank reconciliation, mainly in most cases at the month end, and AWCS can produce these reports from one or both systems. 

AWCS can also assist with uploading your Legal Aid bulk spreadsheet to the LAA.  At the moment, however, CCMS uploads would have to be undertaken yourselves. 

Bookkeeper Services can be offered at either an hourly rate or monthly fixed fee with a cap on the maximum cost to you. 




AWCS are able to undertake a Project Management position in your firm ensuring that prior to the implementation of LEAP.


If you take this option, we will ensure that all of your files are up to date and ready to roll, all of your documents have been imported into LEAP prior to your using the software, all of your own Forms and Precedents have been created and are immediately available to you and your staff and your accounts will see all data entered correctly and Client Account reconciled. 

Where you are using the Xero Accounting package, we would work either individually or with your Bookkeeper to ensure that your Office Account was reconciled and ready to use once the LEAP implementation and Training had commenced.  

Even in cases where you have asked LEAP for a Transition Agreement, we can ensure that all of the above are completed prior to implementation and Training. 

Where Project Management has been requested, premium software training below would also be given. 


In addition to LEAP induction training, which comprises of Initial Training, Bookkeeper Training and a Follow Up training course, AWCS are able to offer an enhanced modular training course to Law Firms consisting of:

  • Complete LEAP Installation and onsite computer upgrades.

  • Dedicated and detailed modular training for all staff members specifically tailored to the role of each member with the firm.

  • All staff members to have time to practice using LEAP and to complete tasks and questionnaire. 

  • Practice Manager, Bookkeeper and Xero Accounts training.

  • A member of AWCS onsite for at least an additional day to answer questions and help with integration into LEAP and Xero.


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